Sunday, October 12, 2014

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October 12th Meet The Author: John Fund

In Eureka:

5:30 p.m. No-Host Cocktails
6:00 p.m. Roast Beef and Fried Chicken DINNER/BUFFET
7:00 p.m. Special Guest Speaker:
Author & FOX News Commentator JOHN FUND
8:00 p.m. GOP Fundraiser! Live Auction
Tickets: $50/person
Call Republican Headquarters: (707) 442-2259
or call (707) 442-2788 Annette de Modena

Friday, September 19, 2014


(I)n the end, three centuries of union were preserved, and it wasn’t even close. Turnout was huge, and the final tally came in 55 percent against independence, 45 percent in favor. - John Hayward/Human Events @Doc_o

...Some interpret the failure of centralization as the death knell for large and diverse nations. Even liberals are prone to bang out “America is ungovernable” screeds when they’re frustrated about not getting their way, or when they’re trying to cover for the latest Big Government failure. The answer may instead lie in decentralizing power to preserve national unions, shifting both power and responsibility to local governments. This has the immediate beneficial effect of making voters feel better-represented, as smaller governments they can more readily influence grow more significant than the distant national capital. It makes the people in different states or regions less prone to resent one another. It breaks up the lobbyist and special-interest domination just about everyone, across the political spectrum, professes to hate… but which is inherent to big, centralized government.

And perhaps most importantly, decentralization gives citizens a greater sense of both control and responsibility for their own fates – something the Scottish independence movement spoke passionately, even poetically about – while also giving those unhappy with local rule an easy way to withdraw their consent without leaving the nation. The Scots have a golden opportunity to use the enhanced powers coming their way to make Scotland a proud example of successful government within the United Kingdom. I hope they do such a bang-up job that the rest of the U.K. ends up wishing they could be more like the Scots....

Why Americans—and the West—Should Care About Scottish Secession - Weekly Standard

If you're over 75, the architect of ObamaCare thinks you're nothing but a largely worthless emotional and financial burden. So, he's decided that it's the perfect age for death. ...and he uses his own father as a really, really, creepy example.

ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emanuel has anounced the 'optimal age of death' - you won't like it - Robert Laurie/Herman Cain

Democrats seem to love death. Whether they're yammering about abortion or "end of life" planning, they just can't get enough of talking up the myriad ways people can exit life's stage. They always claim this is simply a discussion about personal responsibility and individual choice but, since they despise those ideals in virtually every other matter, it's a hard argument to buy.

Enter Ezekiel Emanuel.

Emanuel was one of the chief architects of ObamaCare and is, of course, the brother of Rahm. Over at The Atlantic, he's penned an article about his own death and he's made a shocking announcement about the perfect age at which he hopes to die. While he very specifically rules out euthanasia, Emanuel says he hopes his ticker shuts down at the not-particularly-old age of 75.

The reason? 75 is, apparently, the perfect age for a human to buy the farm. According to Emanuel, people who live longer than that risk struggling through a less-than-perfect existence....

Sure, their children may love them - and they'll miss them when they're gone - but as long as mom and dad are alive they're putting a lot of pressure on their offspring.
"But parents also cast a big shadow for most children. Whether estranged, disengaged, or deeply loving, they set expectations, render judgments, impose their opinions, interfere, and are generally a looming presence for even adult children. This can be wonderful. It can be annoying. It can be destructive. But it is inescapable as long as the parent is alive. Examples abound in life and literature: Lear, the quintessential Jewish mother, the Tiger Mom. And while children can never fully escape this weight even after a parent dies, there is much less pressure to conform to parental expectations and demands after they are gone."
How incredibly, horrifically, selfish.

700,000 Obamacare Sign-ups Already Dropped Their Coverage

Obamacare administrator Marilyn Tavenner admitted that several months after the open enrollment period ended, the number of paying customers has dropped precipitously. - Daily Caller

By August 15, over 700,000 of the administration’s initial “sign-ups” had dropped their Obamacare coverage, Tavenner said in testimony to the House Oversight Committee. The administration has been advertising 8 million sign-ups since the first enrollment period ended in April.

Upon questioning, Tavenner had no details about the reason for the sharp drop, but presumably a large number of the sign-ups failed to ever pay their premiums, as many experts had predicted.

...The administration will kick another 115,000 customers off their coverage on September 30, after those ineligible customers have been receiving benefits, and possibly tax credits, for up to nine full months. That brings the total number of paying Obamacare customers down to less than 7.2 million at the end of the month....

“The system we have today is an incredibly easily-gamed system,” Rep. Issa said. “700,000 people got a free ride.”

Almost All Obamacare Enrollees Are Paying For Coverage - Huffington Post

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wow, what she said at 1:56 left Megyn Kelly speechless...

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Watch: This Inspirational Woman Who Survived The Unthinkable Tells All To Megyn Kelly - Western Journalism

Meriam Ibraheem, a Sudanese Christian woman, was sentenced to death for refusing to give up her Christian beliefs.

In this interview with Megyn Kelly, she reveals how she was able to say no to renouncing her faith, as well as saying that she had God on her side throughout the whole ordeal.

Kelly asked Ibraheem why she didn’t just say what they wanted to hear and save her life.
“If I did that, then that would mean that I gave up. It’s not possible because it’s not true. It’s my right to follow the religion of my choice. I’m not the only one suffering from this problem. There are many ‘Mariams’ in Sudan and throughout the world.”

“My faith was the only weapon that I had in these confrontations with imams and Muslim scholars because that’s what I believe,” she said.
While Ibraheem was imprisoned, with her four-year-old child, she also gave birth to another. But she did so with chains on her legs.

PolitiChicks 2nd Annual Red Hottest Men in the Conservative World 2014

Of course because we’re women of substance, our list requirements are based on–in order of importance: - Politichicks
#1. Intelligence. These guys are brilliant.
#2. Courage. They aren’t afraid to stand up to challenges, speak the truth and fight for our country
#3: Passion (See above)
#4: Sense of humor. They never let the haters get them down–they just keep doing what they do, with their sense of self and sense of humor intact.
#5: Looks. This can be either conventionally handsome or someone who simply exudes sexiness.
Top 10 Overall Hottest Conservative Men in the Media:

1. Senator Ted Cruz
2. AlfonZo Rachel
3. Lt. Colonel Allen West
4. Trey Gowdy
5. Bret Baier
6. Sean Hannity
7. Governor Rick Perry
8. California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly
9. Senator Mike Lee
10. Rep. Louie Gohmert
11. Greg Gutfeld
12. Jamie Glazov:
13. Neil Cavuto
14. Dan Bongino
15. Bill Whittle
More, including Honorable Mentions, at the link

Jerry Brown let Campbell's Soup oldest American facility close its doors in Sacramento and move to Texas, North Carolina and Ohio.

Jerry Brown’s Crony Capitalism is driving businesses out out California. - Neel Kashkari

Instead of addressing the economic needs of our state, Jerry Brown and his Sacramento cronies pass legislation that benefits them and their political allies only.

This ‘What’s in it for me?” attitude from Brown has led to businesses fleeing California, leaving more middle class families struggling to find work.

As governor, (Neel Kashkari) will actually pay attention to the needs of our state rather than picking and choosing favorites. ◼ SIGN HERE if you agree!

DHS boss Jeh Johnson may have tried to cover up the truth about four people with known terror ties who tried to sneak into the United States the day before 9/11

Wait’ll You See What Obama’s DHS Boss Just Admitted About Terrorists At Our Border - Western Journalism

DHS Secretary is suffering from intense disinterest in border security. - HotAir

Bad timing as individuals with terrorist ties were reportedly spotted attempting to cross the border.

Watch: In Just 68 Seconds Ted Cruz Gave The ONE Thing America Can Do In Iraq To Stop ISIS

‘When I asked General Dempsey, ‘militarily how would we go in and kill the terrorists before they are able to take jihad to America?’ His answer was ‘Well, we need to change conditions on the ground so people are not susceptible to extremism.’ Look, it’s not our job to be social workers in Iraq and put them all on expanded Medicaid. It is our job to kill terrorists who have declared war on America and demonstrated the intention and capability to murder innocent Americans.” - Western Journalism

Taken together, the results suggest a profoundly unsettled public mood, with two-thirds of Americans surveyed saying the country is on the wrong track and half disapproving of how Mr. Obama is doing his job, a negative assessment that threatens to be a substantial drag on Democrats in November.

Obama Faulted in Terror Fight, New Poll Finds - New York Times

With midterm elections approaching, Americans’ fears about a terrorist attack on United States soil are on the rise, and the public is questioning Mr. Obama’s strategy for combating the militant organization calling itself the Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Most respondents say the president has no clear plan for confronting the group, and that he has not been tough enough in dealing with it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Kerry urges Syrians to fight 'Isis first' as Obama rules out combat mission – as it happened - The Guardian - Live updates
Obama says ‘no combat mission’ for US troops in Iraq
House of Representatives passes bill to arm Syrian rebels
Secretary of State John Kerry testifies before Congress
Kerry: ‘there will be some strange bedfellows’ in coalition
Senators criticise ‘Isis first’ policy and classified details

Kerry got into a heated exchange with Corker who said, "I want to say as I said personally, we have three senators, president, vice president, secretary of state, that are exercising terrible judgment right now. And to say that you're going to do this regardless of what we say, you're not going to ask for buy-in by the United States Senate or House of Representatives on behalf of the American people in a conflict that's going to be multiyear. Some people say a decade. Taking us into another country with a different enemy, is exercising the worst judgment possible." - Breitbart

Benghazi hearings about to force the press to pay attention

The press can't keep ignoring the devious practices of the Clintons: - HotAir

Only Fox has been regularly covering the upcoming hearings and updating their viewers on the new details and recently uncovered revelations relating to the attacks which the committee will parse. Save Fox, none of the cable networks and no broadcast outlets have mentioned new revelations from former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell who told reporter Sharyl Attkisson that “close confidants” of Clintons removed documents relating to the Benghazi attacks before investigators had the opportunity to review them.

“Maxwell says that members of the select House committee on Benghazi have already deposed him on this weekend filing session, including both chair Trey Gowdy and Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Chaffetz told Attkisson that he is ‘100% confident the Benghazi Select Committee is going to dive deep on that issue,’” Ed Morrissey wrote.

Is this so hard to believe? It is not like Clinton confidants do not have a history of boosting sensitive documents from federal facilities before investigators have had a chance to check them out.

Given that, it makes little sense for the press to continue to ignore these revelations. If they are going to come up in the committee proceedings, as seems possible, it makes sense for cable to prime their viewers even if the aim is (as it would be for outlets like MSNBC) to preemptively defuse the charge.

“I assume there are swipe cards or video records." -- Sharyl Attkisson on the alleged document cover-up she broke this week. - Daily Signal

The Benghazi Scandal Is About To Get Uglier -- And It Starts Today. Here's What You Need to Know.
The House special committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attacks, convening its first public hearing tomorrow, will examine the State Department’s progress in implementing a review board’s security recommendations.

But the Select Committee on Benghazi also will begin to look into allegations, first reported yesterday in The Daily Signal, that top aides to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton oversaw the sifting of Benghazi-related documents detrimental to her before turning over files to the Accountability Review Board.

In comments to reporters today, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the select panel, said he wants to question Raymond Maxwell, the retired State Department official who described a scene in a basement room of the State Department to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who wrote the story for The Daily Signal.

Maxwell made “very serious” allegations, Gowdy said, which are “a perfect example for why this committee exists.”
9 top questions for the Benghazi Select Committee - IBD
The long-awaited House Select Committee on Benghazi begins its historic open hearings today. The chair is Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a no-nonsense former federal and state prosecutor now in his second House term.

The 50-year-old Gowdy's challenges include herding GOP colleagues in a coherent investigative direction while combating the anticipated pre-election obfuscations and complaints of Democrat members eager to protect President Obama and his wannabe successor Hillary Clinton.

But the committee's most important duty is ferreting out credible answers to thousands of questions about the deadly night of 9/11/12 when four Americans died at the hands of terrorists, the numerous conflicting accounts of that night and deciphering the administration's ensuing coverup.

Anyone familiar with the sordid Benghazi story can construct their own list of compelling queries....

Terrorist Fail: ISIS’ Latest Attack Just Blew Up In Their Faces And They Paid The Price

At least 14 soldiers of the Islamic State were killed near Baghdad when a warhead that they had been filling with chlorine gas exploded on them. - Western Journalism

Chlorine gas has been used in Syria, but this was the first time it has been used in Iraq.

The use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad’s regime supposedly ended by agreement, but there has been continued evidence of the use of the substance in the country after the agreement.

Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in a behind-the-scenes struggle with the White House, congressional Democrats and Washington insiders who have lost confidence in her as both a unifying leader and reliable party spokesperson at a time when they need her most. - Politico

Long-simmering doubts about her have reached a peak after two recent public flubs: criticizing the White House’s handling of the border crisis and comparing the tea party to wife beaters....

She’s become a liability to the DNC, and even to her own prospects, critics say.

“I guess the best way to describe it is, it’s not that she’s losing a duel anywhere, it’s that she seems to keep shooting herself in the foot before she even gets the gun out of the holster,” said John Morgan, a major donor in Wasserman Schultz’s home state of Florida....