Thursday, August 25, 2016

NEW: 33 donors account for 90% of the $110M raised by pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC

California End of Session Madness

The state legislature has a week to pass bills out of their second house if they are to survive and be sent to Governor Brown. So far, a handful of bad bills are on their way to Brown. Now is the time to call, email, and tweet at Governor Brown and ask him to VETO these bad bills! Here's how you can contact Governor Brown:

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Email HERE via webform

◼ Tweet: @JerryBrownGov

SB 32 (Pavely, D): This terrible bill expands the authority of the California Air Resources Board and sets greenhouse gas emissions standards to 40% of 1990 levels by 2030. This will tie one hand behind the backs of our small businesses in California and drive more out of the state.

AB 197 (Garcia, D): AB 197 is a companion bill to SB 32, intending to give the legislature more oversight over the California Air Resources Board. Moderate Democrats were lulled into a false sense of security by voting for this companion bill. CARB will still have total and utter control in the levying and raising of fees on Californians, all in the name of “green”.

AB 2466 (Webber, D): This bill would allow felons serving jail time to vote FROM JAIL. Yes, you read that right. Does that seem reasonable?

AB 2532 (Chiu, D): Current law requires each state or local government agency or community action agency, or any private organization contracting with a state or local government agency, that provides specified employment services to post in a prominent location in the workplace a notice stating that only citizens or those persons legally authorized to work in the United States will be permitted to use the agency's or organization's employment services that are funded by the federal or state government, as specified. This bill would repeal the above-described requirements. Why is this even considered?

This is an accurate description of what is happening. Think about that for a moment

Tammy Bruce: "Legacy media meltdown over Trump: Panicked and muddled, anti-Trump forces ignore Americans’ concerns"

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Poll: Trump overtakes Clinton in Florida

Trump is winning over independents by a double-digit margin, 47 percent to 26 percent, and he has a similar edge with male and white voters. Clinton leads among female voters and African-Americans by nearly 50 points and Hispanics by 10 points.

Obama bans swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Obamacare website drops Obama's "you can keep your doctor" catchphrase from the site

Liberals want the Post Office to give you payday loans

Remember that ‘Republican Woman for Clinton’: She’s a healthcare lobbyist married to a Clinton operative

...After Jennifer Pierotti Lim spoke at the Democratic convention last month, the New York Times interviewed her, describing her only as "the founder of the volunteer group Republican Women for Hillary."

Cosmo and the Huffington Post, to their credit, mentioned Lim's employer: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. None of these publications, in their positive profiles of the Clinton backer, mentioned her occupation: Lobbyist.

A lobbyist for the largest lobbying entity in the country gets on stage to praise a presidential candidate, and her job is basically omitted from descriptions of her. That seems odd.

A final detail that strikes me as relevant: Her husband is an alumnus of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and is a partner in a firm that has pocketed about $20 million from Clinton's campaign and the DNC.

How long will the media ignore the constant drip-drip-drip of Hillary Clinton's scandals?

Ironic: Report finds Democratic states have the most student debt

Leonardo DiCaprio has backed out of hosting a high-dollar fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at his Los Angeles home.

DiCaprio cited a change in production scheduling for the documentary Before the Flood, which he is producing, as reason for ditching the fundraiser.

He asked movie star pals Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake to host the $33,400-per guest luncheon at the couple’s home in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday, Page Six reported.

The Justice Department recently filed a complaint against DiCaprio and his eponymous foundation for the actor allegedly playing a part in an embezzlement case that took $3 million from 1MDB, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. The complaint does not target DiCaprio but raises questions about transparency and accountability with his foundation.

This is just the first stage of Trump's new black voter plan

Trump is planning trips to urban areas — with stops at churches, charter schools and small businesses in black and Latino communities — and is developing an empowerment agenda based on the economy and education, aides said. Under consideration is an early September visit to Detroit, where retired neurosurgeon and former Republican primary rival Ben Carson would guide him on a tour of the impoverished neighborhoods where he grew up.

California Con game: SB 1298 redefines "sewer service" to include stormwater & evade voter approval of taxes/fees.