Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#Brexit is a clear signal to Congress: Fix America's overregulation problem

At the heart of the decision by the U.K. to leave the European Union was an evident desire of the British people to restore economic freedom, self-determination, and independence. Congress should take note: Americans want the same thing.

Fundamentally, the Brexit campaign has been about pursuing the freedom to choose, driven by the proven conviction that greater freedom will lead to greater entrepreneurial dynamism and prosperity. The British people made it clear that they want to “exit” from the straightjacket of senseless overregulation imposed by unelected bureaucrats....

Trey Gowdy: Read #Benghazi Report. It Will Take Less Time Than The Attack

Islamic State throws four gay men off rooftop, taunts gays with photos of murders bearing #LoveWins hashtag

A Trillion Dollars And 800,000 Jobs Gone Because Of Obamacare

...These new findings cast a new light on Obama’s recent assertions that the U.S. has seen job growth in the wake of the ACA. While it is technically true that there has been growth, the study found that the ACA has hurt growth in work hours per person.

“If, instead, jobs had been able to grow at even half the 2014 pace, there would have been 800,000 more full-time-equivalent positions by now,” Mulligan wrote....

Trump Economic Speech In Monessen, PA

  • 1) Withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  • 2) “Appoint the toughest and smartest trade negotiators to fight on behalf of American workers.”
  • 3) “Direct the Secretary of Commerce to identify every violation of trade agreements a foreign country is currently using to harm our workers. I will then direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under American and international law to end these abuses.”
  • 4) “Tell our NAFTA partners that I intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers. And I don’t mean just a little bit better, I mean a lot better. If they do not agree to a renegotiation, then I will submit notice under Article 2205 of the NAFTA agreement that America intends to withdraw from the deal.”
  • 5) “I am going to instruct my Treasury Secretary to label China a currency manipulator. Any country that devalues their currency in order to take advantage of the United States will be met with sharply.”
  • 6) “I am going to instruct the U.S. Trade Representative to bring trade cases against China, both in this country and at the WTO. China’s unfair subsidy behavior is prohibited by the terms of its entrance to the WTO, and I intend to enforce those rules.”
  • 7) “If China does not stop its illegal activities, including its theft of American trade secrets, I will use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade disputes, including the application of tariffs consistent with Section 201 and 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 and Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.”

He also had quite a line about Hillary Clinton. Describing her candidacy and political career as being in service of American and global elites, he painted his own effort as being for the American working man. He cast the comparison in dire terms:

“That’s the choice we face. We can either give in to Hillary Clinton’s campaign of fear, or we can choose to Believe In America.”

George Soros and his crocodile tears

Just more Liberal hypocrisy!!! The do as I say not as I do Party..

Fact checker fandango: Research of the record fails to trip Trump

I see that CNN is calling upon the good offices of Mr. Potato Head (David Gergen) to refute Donald Trump’s evisceration of Hillary Clinton in his speech last Wednesday. Mr. Potato Head is very indignant that Peter Schweizer has written a book, “Clinton Cash,” demonstrating that a pattern of corruption exists in the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department. He says that pattern of corruption does not establish the Clintons’ guilt. Well, an author can only do so much. Mr. Schweizer has written a convincing book about the Clintons’ corruption. The rest is left to the courts, which have yet to get the Clintons’ case, but my guess is the courts will have at the Clintons soon enough....

Monday, June 27, 2016

Olive Oil, Tea Kettles, and Toasters... The Untold Brexit Story The EU’s overly meddlesome regulations helped drive a wedge between itself and the UK

Forget immigration assimilation issues, terrorism, financial woes, what and how people ate became a regulatory priority. Sound familiar?

A handful of overly nitpicky proposals illustrate a microcosm of broader frustration.

In 2013, the EU pissed off the entire union over a proposal that would’ve banned those little refillable jars of olive oil kept on restaurant tables for delicious bread-dipping in favor of sealable jars.

...The EU has kept new eco-restrictions for high-powered appliances like hair dryers, tea kettles, and toasters close-chested until after the Brexit referendum vote, for fear the new regulations would be perceived as targeting Britain’s favorite breakfast — tea and toast. Doesn’t matter so much now but still, toasters and kettles?

Al Qaeda is frustrated b/c Obama admin doesn't know a jihadist attack when it sees one!

House Democrats mistakenly release transcript revealing/confirming big payout to Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal...

The Democrats on the House Benghazi committee released their final conclusions from the inquiry into attacks on Americans in that Libyan city in 2012, and in the report they say, once again, that the investigation is a politically motivated sham aimed at damaging the reputation of Hillary Clinton.

But the report, which the Democrats published as a preemptive strike before the Republican majority releases findings likely to charge ineptitude and deception by the former secretary of State, also revealed, apparently unintentionally, details about the eye-popping amount of money a close Clinton friend and advisor made in a contract with a pro-Clinton nonprofit.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

A registered democrat who was an Islamist terrorist kills 49 Americans in a gay bar. The Gay left leadership turned an Islamic terrorist attack into an assault on the GOP. Why?

Their banner reads: "REPUBLICAN HATE KILLS"

62% say Hillary Clinton NOT Honest and trustworthy

Poll: Half of Voters Distrust Government on Gun Control After Orlando Terror Attack