Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Pigford Report - What you need to know

“It [Pigford] is a fair settlement, it is a just settlement, we think it’s important for congress to fund that settlement. We’re going to continue to make it a priority.” —President Obama, September 10, 2010 press conference
“[Pigford is] the largest scam against the federal taxpayers in the history of the United States.” - USDA Employee John Stringfellow at Breitbart's Big Government

At The Link:
◼ The Pigford Shakedown: How the Black Farmers’ Cause Was Hijacked by Politicians, Trial Lawyers & Community Organizers — Leaving Us With a Billion Dollar Tab
◼ Me & Mrs. Sherrod — And The $1.25 Billion Pigford II Black Farmers’ Settlement
◼ Pigford: Obama’s Down Payment on the 2012 Rural South Vote
◼ Pigford: It’s the Fraud, Stupid (Not Race)
◼ Obama Using Pigford Cash to Pay Campaign Debts?
◼ The Pigford Killings: Double-Murder, Double-Cross, and Decapitation in the Delta
◼ Pigford Whistle-Blowers - ‘If You’ve Got a Potted Plant, That Makes You a Farmer’
◼ A Black Farmer Blows the Whistle on the Black Farmer Settlement
◼ Pigford Witness Report: Applicant Claimed Discrimination by Nonexistent Chicago USDA Office, Was Paid Anyway
◼ Pigford Whistle-Blower: Despite USDA Denials, Fraud Is ‘FBI Documented’
◼ Pigford Witness Report: Black Applicants Claim Racial Discrimination Against Black USDA Officials
◼ Pigford Witness Report: 700 Claims Filed with My Name on Them, Many From Hundreds of Miles Away
Pigileaks: Documents Suggest Pigford Lawyer Sabotaged Mediation That Would Have Saved Tax Payers Billions
Pigileaks: The Pigford Applications
The Big Government Feed Featuring All Stories Related to Pigford
◼ Former Agriculture Secretary Confirms FBI Investigations Into USDA Inside-Job Pigford Fraud... lots more.

This little known story hasn't yet received much press. That is about to change.