Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Right needs better grassroots infrastructure

The Right needs better grassroots infrastructure The Daily Caller
...(T)he Left has monetized its activists and educated them to take sophisticated action on a given issue at the drop of a hat. The Right buys ineffective TV ads, builds “coalitions” and has no sustainable structure to show for the many millions it has invested. This misdirection of critical resources in the face of markedly changing dynamics cannot be highlighted enough....

There are reasons to be optimistic. The state think tanks do excellent work geared toward policy education specifically aimed at local officials and legislators. Groups such as the, headed by the visionary Dr. Rod Martin, have emerged to challenge MoveOn as a genuinely potent platform for center-right e-activism and fundraising. The Right has even found Facebook and Twitter to be effective tools for communication and organization. Ultimately, however, these favorable indicators must be rolled into a new way of doing business that takes a longer view toward building a permanent political structure that can match and spar with the Left; not consultant-loaded campaigns that disband the first Wednesday in November. This requires coordination, vision and integration, and there is no time to waste.