Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Headlines re: Libya

Jihadis who killed Americans get U.S. support in Libya
Byron York/Washington Examiner
There's no question that the rebels Americans are currently fighting for in Libya include in their ranks jihadis who in recent years traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill Americans. The only question is whether that worries you or not.
Obama: Libya intervention limited, necessary
Brian Hughes/Washington Examiner
President Obama on Monday sought to define for a skeptical American public the U.S. military mission in Libya, predicting that President Moammar Gadhafi would surrender power even while insisting that the United States would not help overthrow Gadhafi militarily.
Al Qaeda leader foresaw chance to capitalize on Arab uprisings
Sara Carter/Washington Examiner
A year before the Middle East uprisings that have shaken regimes across the region, a top al Qaeda operative from Libya was predicting that U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq would destabilize governments in the Muslim world and he outlined ways in which al Qaeda could capitalize on the chaos.