Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Assembly Republican Leader Issues Statement Regarding Brown Administration Plans to Reduce Prison Population

Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, of Tulare, today issued the following statement after the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced plans to meet court ordered prison population reductions by enacting the Governor’s dangerous realignment proposal:
"The Brown Administration continues to use scare tactics to push the Governor’s dangerous realignment proposal which would permanently create a program funded with temporary taxes. Much safer options are available today to meet the court’s benchmarks. We can address the long term prison population problem by building more beds with funding that is currently available and meet the short term needs by contracting with in-state and out-of-state facilities. The Governor’s misguided realignment proposal doesn’t make the case for taxes – in fact, it makes the case against taxes: why should voters pay more taxes only to put their families’ lives in danger?"