Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Got Twitter? #AskObama

The ◼ @townhall is today! ◼ #AskObama your Question throughout the webcast (don't forget the hashtag) it starts @ 2pm ET ◼

The Twitterer in Chief, who just started tweeting himself a few weeks ago, will host the first presidential Twitter town hall at the White House this afternoon. - Jake Tapper/ABC

President Obama is conducting a Twitter town hall today. He will answer questions that are tweeted by the public at #AskObama. You can follow the event live at ◼ Townhall beginning at 2:00 this afternoon (Eastern).

You can be sure that most questions tweeted to the President will be softballs, but Heritage wanted to make sure that some more meaningful questions are in the mix. So it suggested these questions to be tweeted by conservatives - at the link
Saturday Night Live should satirize this - Redstate