Monday, August 22, 2011


Texas Governor Rick Perry emerged as the winner of the Republican Presidential Straw Poll at the Humboldt County Fair which included 10 declared candidates. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) was second and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, third.

“Nearly 600 fairgoers voted in the poll, during the August 11-21 fair,” according to Peter Hannaford, Humboldt Republican Party chairman. The results:
  • Perry 29%
  • Bachmann 18
  • Romney 15
  • Cain 2
  • Paul 7.4
  • Gingrich 7
  • Santorum 1.4
  • Huntsman 1.3
Sarah Palin received 4.2 percent as a write-in choice. The rest consisted of scattered single votes, and spoiled ballots/

Voting was open to all registered voters, regardless of party or independent status. Sixty-two percent checked the “Republican” box. “The ballot was printed in six versions, with the names rotating to avoid bias,” Hannaford noted. This is the third Republican straw poll this summer. Bachmann won the July 4 poll at the Eureka Main Street Fair and she and Perry were tied at the Rio Dell Wildwood Days Fair, August 6-7.