Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Obama cannot muster the same enthusiasm he did in 2008. It’s out there, but it is now opposed to him, not for him. That’s what Occupy Wall Street is all about. - Dick Morris

The conservatives and Republicans no longer own the anti-Obama movement. They have to share ownership with disenchanted liberals, those who recognize incompetence when they see it, and the many who are turned off by the growing perception of corruption in the wake of Solyndra. The bad economy has led to an impression of presidential weakness and inability akin to that which took over the image of Jimmy Carter in the late ’70s. More and more, the opposition to Obama is based on the outcomes of his policies, not on their ideological bias or their liberal intent.

Democrats Embrace of Wall Street Protests Poses Political Peril - FOX (image source)

...the protesters are implacably opposed to three initiatives – the TARP and auto industry bailouts, and the continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts – that Obama has supported....