Friday, December 16, 2011

All-American Muslim: Why Advertisers Are Right to Boycott

Another advertiser pulled out of TLC’s All-American Muslim—but it’s not because the company is ‘Islamophobic.’ It’s simply a terrible program - Asra Q. Nomani/The Daily Beast

As a real-life American Muslim, I should have loved the new TLC reality show All-American Muslim. I agreed with CBS anchor Katie Couric when she said we need a "Cosby Show for Muslims." But after I eagerly watched the first episodes, I've got to say I think we ended up with something more like a Muslim Jersey Shore, the low-grade MTV series about Snooki's party life in New Jersey.

Forget political correctness. Lowe's, the national chain, did the right thing in pulling its advertising from the series. The company said it killed advertising from the show because it had become too controversial, but there is another legitimate reason the company could have given for yanking its advertising: it's bad TV.... Read The Rest