Friday, March 30, 2012

Kony 2012: Follow the Money: George Soros

Noisy Room posted that: The Kony 2012 scam has been revealed and now it is time to look at Obama’s motivation to use American blood and treasure to wage war in Uganda even though Kony has not been seen for six years, is believed to be dead and American interests do not warrant this war. - Fundamental Refounding

Kony 2012: Obama Makes George Soros Richer - Noisy Room

Follow the money. Where George Soros invests, U.S. taxpayer dollars follow.

Soros will make millions – if not billions – off of Uganda’s oil industry and his other interests there.

Remember when we were perplexed that Obama’s 2009 stimulus plan (which is refunded each and every year) includes $2 billion per year for Brazil’s oil industry? (wsj) We later learned that Soros was invested in Brazil’s oil industry prior to Obama’s 2009 infusion of $2 billion.

... Kony hasn't actually been active since 2006 when he went into hiding in the Sudan or Congo. What is more, according to governmental reports, the LRA consists of approximately 200 so called 'troops', nothing near the thousands claimed in the video. Kony 2012 Scam - It's All About Oil...

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