Saturday, June 9, 2012

CFRW Capitol Update re: Primary Election Results

Overall, the primary election on Tuesday was a good night for Republicans - from California to Wisconsin! Governor Scott Walker winning in Wisconsin was a huge victory and a great indicator from a swing state on how November will turn out! Here in California, Prop 29 is still too close to call, but our inside sources tell us that once all the ballots have been counted that it will fail. When Californians reject a $1 cigarette tax, it sure does not look good for major tax increases on the November ballot. Across the state our Republican Women worked hard to make sure a strong Republican candidate made it to the general election. In 29 races, both legislative and congressional, same party candidates advanced to the general election. For the state legislative races, 2 senate races are Dem vs. Dem while 13 assembly races are also Dem vs. Dem. But not to worry, 6 assembly races are also Rep vs. Rep. In congressional races, only 6 are Dem vs. Dem and 3 are Rep vs. Rep.
Click HERE (image source: Sacramento Bee) for a great infographic with all this information. Our work is just beginning! November is coming and we will WIN!

About 1 million ballots remain to be counted in California - Sacramento Bee

The unprocessed ballot report tallies 972,652 ballots, but a dozen small counties have yet to report. The bulk -- 783,770 -- are vote-by-mail ballots that came in too late to be counted before Election Day. The rest are provisional ballots cast on Election Day or otherwise questioned ballots that must be reviewed.