Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obama’s campaign spent heavily in May and shelled out more than it raised

Obama campaign burns through cash quickly - Washington Post
Obama super PAC raised $4 million in May, $40 million overall - Chris Cillizza/Washington Post

The fundraising from Priorities has to be encouraging for Democrats who openly fretted about their ability to keep up with the well-funded conservative super PACs led by American Crossroads and Restore Our Future, which announced today it had raised $5 million in May.

American Crossroads raised $1.2 million in March and $1.8 million in April. The group has yet to release its May fundraising report.

What’s nearly certain to be the case, however, is that Crossroads’ cash on hand total will dwarf that of Priorities, which ended May with $4.5 million on hand. At the end of April, Crossroads had $25.5 million in the bank.