Saturday, June 9, 2012

We are now watching the Democrat Party implode, right before our eyes

More interested in protecting his own job, he stayed away from Wisconsin during the entire recall fight (which was lost by the Left, badly). - Doug Ross
Former Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis Goes Off On Obama Aides: “You Have Vicious People Who Are Working For The President”
Clinton's Tax-Cut Position Undercuts Obama Stance
Ed Rendell: Obama ‘hurt by being a legislator only’ before presidency
Bill Clinton On Romney's Bain Ties: 'This Is Good Work'
Booker's big mouth ruins relationship with Obama, Cabinet hopes
Deval Patrick, Democratic Governor, Creates Obama Campaign Headache By Defending Bain
Because the Clinton Wing of the Democrat Party is astute enough to know what's coming. I believe we are watching the first signs of a political tsunami. In state after state, Barack Obama has marshaled only 60% of the vote... as an incumbent president in the Democrat freaking primaries.

That's not to say any of this will be easy. It will be a pitched political battle, with every dirty trick, every left-wing media "October Surprise" hit-job, and every illegal voting gambit known to man. It will take all of us, working as hard as we can, to educate our family members, our friends, our neighbors and our colleagues and to ensure that the margin of victory surpasses what I like to call "The Holder Margin".

But I feel, deep in my gut, that a Tsunami is about to wash across the American landscape like nothing any of us have ever seen before.