Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama 52% Romney 46% among likely voters in new CNN poll.

link - CDN

DID CNN RIG ITS OWN POLL? - Mike Flynn/Breitbart

there are a couple of strange things within the poll that cast doubt on its veracity. And, at least one concern warrants a response from CNN.

First, this being a media poll, it has an obvious skew towards Democrats. The partisan breakdown is (D/R/I) 50/45/5. It perhaps isn't surprising that Obama is leading a D+5 poll by 6 points. Throughout the campaign season, Obama's margin usually is very close to the partisan skew in the sample. It is surprising, though, that Independents make up only 5% of the sample. Tellingly, Romney leads this group by 14 points.

I've seen others suggest that CNN pushes voters to identify with one party or the other, which may account for this. Although, CNN identifies the breakdown of sample numbers as X "registered Democrats" and Y "registered Republicans." Other polls that push Independents to identify show their work. CNN should as well.

There is another, more serious concern, however... read more, at the link.