Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Megyn Kelly Declares CAIR Is 'Not Getting' a Retraction for Covering Film on Islamic Women

link - Newsbusters

When Karoluk asserted that “CAIR is actually a domestic organization, the biggest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group” in the nation, Goldstein countered by declaring:

They're a self-appointed group that claims to be a civil-rights group, but it's anything but.

CAIR has a systematic campaign to go around and target anybody who speaks publicly about the threat of militant Islam as Islamophobic time and time again. Shame on them for doing that.

Kelly then turned to Karoluk: “I still do not understand why calling attention to this problem that affects Muslim women would be objectionable to you. As a Muslim woman yourself, don't you want this to stop, and how do we make it stop if we don't shine a light on it?”

“Of course I want it to stop,” the CAIR representative responded, “and as I said, there are many Muslim women in organizations right here in the United States that are working on this issue.”

Goldstein then took the discussion in a different direction by asking Karoluk: “What's wrong with the people who are funding the movie because they're Jews?”

The human rights lawyer continued by stating: “What qualifies as being Islamophobic is raising awareness about Islamist terrorism and advocating for the human rights of Muslim women.”

Judging from the emotional debate regarding the documentary on Muslim women, CAIR can expect that not only will they not receive an apology from Megyn Kelly, but she is very likely to address the subject again -- and soon.