Monday, February 2, 2015

RAND PAUL 2016: He seems to be the only possible candidate who knows how to use social media effectively.

Did Rand Paul Use The Super Bowl To Announce A 2016 Run? - Daily Caller

Few politicians are effective on social media, most simply don’t understand it or assign a low-level staffer to tweet boring news links. But Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, or whoever he has running his Twitter account, gets it.

Paul’s official Twitter account routinely tweaks other 2016 hopefuls, including regularly jabbing at Hillary Clinton.

Beyond the tweaks and jabs, it looked as though Paul used his account to spread the word for his as yet unannounced 2016 campaign during Super Bowl weekend. Well, ok, not exactly. But it’s as close as any other 2016 hopeful has come, and it shows just how effectively Rand Paul’s team can use social media to stir up action and excitement.

With more than half a million followers, Paul encouraged his supporters to print up a “Liberty Football” which just so happened to have “Rand 2016” on it and the website on it.... It worked. Thousands of tweets circulated the Twittersphere, planting the seed of a Rand Paul 2016 run and all due to effective social media engagement. KEEP READING