Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Clintons EXPOSED...

HSBC Leak Exposes Shady Clinton Associates - Washington Free Beacon

A massive leak of documents from HSBC’s Swiss banking arm has revealed an array of sketchy dealings with wealthy individuals, including dictators and arms traffickers, through which the bank helped unsavory characters dodge taxes and avoid government scrutiny.

Among the unsavory characters exposed in the leak are a number of prominent donors to the Clinton Foundation. For example, the leaked documents detailed a five million Swiss franc cash transaction to British business mogul Richard Caring...

The Clintons have acquired an impressive portfolio of dubious associates over the years, including billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who frequently hosted Bill Clinton on his private jet, the “Lolita Express.”

HSBC bank 'helped clients dodge millions in tax' - BBC
Banking giant HSBC helped wealthy clients across the world evade hundreds of millions of pounds worth of tax, the BBC has learned.
A massive leak has exposed shady dealings by HSBC’s Swiss banking arm - David Leigh, James Ball, Juliette Garside, AND David Pegg, The Guardian/Business Insider