Friday, February 13, 2015

When Iraqi tribal leaders came to Washington looking for help in the fight against ISIS, no one would talk to them until one man called and offered to help. And that man was George W. Bush.

Obama team refused to meet with Iraqi tribal leaders seeking help against ISIS, until . . . George W. Bush started making phone calls. - Dan Calabrese/Herman Cain

A huge caveat before I get started here: This is based on reporting by Politico, the worst web site in the world and the work of complete hacks who can't tell truth from lies and honestly don't even care. Politico is the finger up America's nose, the soiled underwear in America's laundry...

They are a horrible organization and they do horrible work.

That said, I'm running with this for two reasons: 1. Reporter Mark Perry actually named his source, and it's hard for even the worst media cesspool to make crap up when it names the source; and 2. It's extraordinary in what it reveals about the emptiness of the Obama Administration's pronounced commitment to defeat ISIS, as well as the character of the man whose presidency we didn't really appreciate while it was going on...

The long and short of it is that Iraqi tribal leaders from the Anbar Province, which is under a serious threat from ISIS, sent a delegation to Washington seeking an audience with Obama Administration officials in the hope that they might persuade them to supply some firepower to use in the fight. The usual Obama line is that they have to get the weapons from the Iraqi government, but that's a dodge because they know full well the Iraqi government is corrupt and beholden to Iran. If the folks from Anbar are going to have any hope of defending themselves, they're going to have to get the weapons directly.

But the Obama Administration stonewalled them. No one was willing to grant them an audience. Finally, tribal leader Abu Risha received a call at his hotel in Washington D.C. from someone who was willing to help. And that someone was George W. Bush... KEEP READING