Thursday, May 26, 2016

Audio shows Katie Couric documentary deceptively edited interview with pro-gun activists

The fallout continues on #GunGate — the exposure of a faked interview response in “Under the Gun,” first reported by our friend Stephen Gutkowski at the Free Beacon today. In a nutshell, the film substituted some B-roll of interview subjects waiting for the interview to start in place of a substantive response given to Katie Couric on background checks. The Free Beacon published the unedited audio that proved that the film faked the response, which should have prompted a retraction and apology — at the bare minimum.

As Allahpundit already noted in an update, however, the cable channel that aired the documentary (EPIX) doesn’t seem to care about accuracy or honesty. They call the substitution of the actual answer for an unrelated response shot “creative and editorial judgment.”...

...let this be an object lesson in mainstream media bias, as well as protecting oneself from it. If asked to be part of an interview that is not airing live, be sure to record it yourself as well. Some reporters and productions can’t be trusted to be honest, and a couple of them self-identified today.