Monday, May 16, 2016

Total Destruction: College That Jane Sanders Ran Into The Ground Closes Its Doors. Burlington College closes due to “crushing weight of debt” acquired by Jane O'Meara Sanders, Bernie's wife

Jane Sanders, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, ran Burlington College from 2004-2011. As president, she retrospectively took a financially idiotic task of expanding the college, taking on $10 million in debt to purchase a plot of land from the local Roman Catholic diocese. The plan to repay the debt was to increase enrollment and beef up fundraising, with both ventures ending in failure. In 2011, Sanders was shown the door (and given a $200,000 severance package). By 2015, the school was $11.4 million in debt, with $300,000 in unpaid bills. Most of the land acquired by Sanders was sold off, as the school was in an untenable financial situation. Now, the school that Sanders ran into ground is closing its doors at the end of the month