Monday, June 27, 2016

Olive Oil, Tea Kettles, and Toasters... The Untold Brexit Story The EU’s overly meddlesome regulations helped drive a wedge between itself and the UK

Forget immigration assimilation issues, terrorism, financial woes, what and how people ate became a regulatory priority. Sound familiar?

A handful of overly nitpicky proposals illustrate a microcosm of broader frustration.

In 2013, the EU pissed off the entire union over a proposal that would’ve banned those little refillable jars of olive oil kept on restaurant tables for delicious bread-dipping in favor of sealable jars.

...The EU has kept new eco-restrictions for high-powered appliances like hair dryers, tea kettles, and toasters close-chested until after the Brexit referendum vote, for fear the new regulations would be perceived as targeting Britain’s favorite breakfast — tea and toast. Doesn’t matter so much now but still, toasters and kettles?