Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Total Narrative Reversal? – Pulse Nightclub Massacre Was Not an LGBT Motivated Attack

...As we shared yesterday, there has to be a reason for current wife Noor Salman invisibility. It’s not accidental Mrs. Salman is no-where to be found in current media stories or visible on TV interviews…...

...Regardless of obfuscation, the terrorist Omar Mateen was factually a gay Muslim male. If discovered he would be a pariah amid a culture that claims to abhor such lifestyles.

When you accept this reality other things begin to make sense. The nightclub was not chosen because it was a “gay nightclub”, it was chosen because it was a well known venue of the terrorist where a large crowd of people would be well presented victims. Period.

Omar didn’t carry out the attack at Pulse to kill gay people per se’; Omar carried out the attack at Pulse to kill people, the maximum number of people. They just happened to be gay, and just happened to be congregated in a place where he was comfortable with the known geography.

Social-place violence. A comfy known venue for his jihad. Unfortunately for leftists within the MSM this removes a victimization card, and nothing is more vehemently despised than the removal of a victim card from the special interest group relying on such sympathies....