Thursday, June 2, 2016

Trump's Right:

Reporter Tom Llamas of ABC asked Trump a tough question in a particularly nasty way:
The night of that Iowa fundraiser, you said you had raised six million dollars. Clearly you had not. Your critics say you tend to exaggerate, you have a problem with the truth. Is this a prime example?
Soon after, Trump responded by calling Llamas a sleazy guy: "You're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well."

The press universally bashed Trump, especially none other than Dana Bash, who got very high-minded in her defense of journalists' right to ask tough questions to prevent the United States from turning into a North Korean style dictatorship....

Now let's go back to last July. Barack Obama has just announced his nuclear deal with Iran, a deal we now know, from Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, was sold to the press by cynical and dishonest means. Like Llamas with Trump, Major Garrett asked the president a tough question in a particularly nasty way. Obama rebuked him harshly.

What did the press do then? They nearly universally attacked — wait for it! — Major Garrett! And who was right in there bashing Garrett with the best of them? You guessed it. Dana Bash: "There's a fine line between asking a tough question and maybe crossing that line a little bit and being disrespectful."