Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prosecutors say man arrested w/ guns at Trump Hotel came back to DC, posted online about the baseball shooting

The Pennsylvania man arrested in May on firearms charges at the Trump International Hotel in Washington came back to DC on Thursday — a violation of his release order — and posted photos to Facebook of newspaper headlines about Wednesday's shooting at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, next to a black bag with unknown contents, according to a prosecutor in the case.

The prosecutor also said the defendant, Bryan Moles, left a "menacing" voicemail for a female witness after he was released from jail....

Moles was arrested on May 31 after allegedly checking in to the Trump Hotel with two firearms in his car — a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle. Before arriving in DC, police said that he left voicemails with an acquaintance saying that he was coming to Washington to meet with President Trump, and that he would go to the White House and stay there until he met with the president. According to police, Moles said that his goal was to bring down the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the conditions of release ordered by Meriweather was that Moles give up any guns he had at his home in Pennsylvania. According to the government's court filings this week, officers recovered a number of weapons, including five long firearms, a machete, and ammunition.

Moles' next court appearance in US District Court for the District of Columbia is scheduled for June 22.