Friday, June 16, 2017

'We're sorry': New York Times FINALLY issues correction to editorial after controversy

The day after The New York Times ran with one of the most sickening editorials in recent memory – a repulsive stew of lies directed at former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin – Palin fired back on Facebook.
With this sickening NYT's editorial, the media is doing exactly what I said yesterday should not be done. Despite commenting as graciously as I could on media coverage of yesterday's shooting, alas, today a perversely biased media's knee-jerk blame game is attempting to destroy innocent people with lies and more fake news. As I said yesterday, I'd hoped the media had collectively matured since the last attack on a Representative when media coverage spewed blatant lies about who was to blame. There's been no improvement. The NYT has gotten worse. - SP

David French of the National Review penned an editorial on Thursday slamming the New York Times for the Editorial Board piece on Gov. Sarah Palin, calling it “borderline libelous.”

“It is extraordinarily cruel, vicious, and—above all—dishonest,” French said.