Thursday, August 10, 2017

If Google thought firing #googlememo guy would stop it's PR nightmare, boy was it wrong

...First, and before I get into details here, James Damore did not say what most people think he said. He did not say women are unsuited to tech jobs. He did not say women only have tech jobs due to affirmative action. That is all bullshit piled on by those mau-mauing him, in an effort to expel someone whose questioning made them uncomfortable.

Why it made them uncomfortable is the fascinating part of all this.

It makes them uncomfortable because it shatters the brittle shell of their enforced narrative, which can only be kept by keeping everyone from saying anything against it. It is very much a “the king is naked” situation. If James Damore is allowed to say men and women aren’t different, the entire project of feminism shatters....

Not all the push, not all the affirmative action, nothing will bring about absolute equality when you’re requiring not only women reason exactly as men, but behave exactly as men, including in competition and social interaction.

That is because men and women aren’t equal. Which was the whole point of the memo James Damore wrote. The whole purpose was to try to find new ways to bring women into the workplace and take advantage of their unique characteristics, instead of forcing women to be men.

But in the world of Feminism feminine characteristics cannot be encouraged. The ideal woman of feminism is a male with a vagina. The ideal role for a woman is man manqué.

Because “feminists” such as they are hate women and everything women stand for. And created a philosophy to eliminate them while claiming loudly to be fighting for them.

This was why James Damore had to be silenced. He pulled back the curtain and revealed the anti-human project behind the curtain.