Thursday, August 31, 2017

Trump cuts Obamacare outreach ads budget by 90 percent

...For the 2017 open enrollment, which ended Jan. 31, the Obama administration spent $100 million on ads. That was double the $50 million that was spent on ads for the 2016 open enrollment.

In comparison, President Trump's inaugural Obamacare open enrollment will spend $10 million on ads. The money will also go towards different types of ads, focusing on more targeted ads through e-mail, texting, radio, or digital engagement, an official from Health and Human Services said.

The Trump administration downplayed the impact of boosted ad spending, noting that during 2017 open enrollment there was a decline of 5 percent in overall sign-ups. It also saw a 42 percent decline in first-time enrollment and enrollment of people who pay their premiums decline by 500,000 people....