Sunday, September 3, 2017

Time For Republicans To Take Google’s Antitrust Abuses Seriously

What happens to a country whose most important police force — and its key investigators — is no longer telling the truth to the citizens of that nation? Nothing good, I'm sure most would agree. There's almost no point in going through all the analogies to despotic regimes. Writers from George Orwell to Arthur Koestler have already done it for us.
But those analogies come immediately to mind following two revelations regarding our Federal Bureau of Investigation that surfaced this week. In one instance, the FBI refused to turn over documents regarding the Hillary Clinton emails because of -- wait for it -- "lack of public interest."

...It's hard to imagine what was going on in the mind of Records Management Division head David M. Hardy when he wrote -- or was forced to write by some unknown superior -- such a risible lie, but things have only gotten worse from there. Now we learn that then FBI director James Comey may never have planned to find Clinton guilty in the first place....