Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Salacious! Like a spy novel! COMMENT AT ALTHOUSE: cronus titan said... My first thought was that the story is so incredible that Lecarre would dismiss it as too outlandish. The DNC and Clinton campaign pay the UK spook to mine information from Russian intelligence to assemble a dossier based upon bullshit (HUMINT in spook talk, which sounds much nicer). The dossier is crap but 'somehow" is leaked to Harry Reid, who pressures the FBI to release it, which will not release it because they are deciding whether to continue paying for this bullshit, at which point the FBI and CIA Director briefs the President and President-elect, and what a coincidence the stories appear in CNN and Buzzfeed the next day. The dossier is used as the basis for FISA warrants to wiretap people, and forms the backbone of an appointment of a Special Prosecutor, who by the way was implicated in the Uranium One deal with Russian nationals since he was FBI Director when FBI decided to bury the case and not let Congress or the group approving the sale know that the Russians involved were fraud and hucksters. And that is not even at the point that RUssian involved with the Fusion GPS UK spook enticed Trump Jr. into a meeting (which is looking more and more like a bad spook effort at creating a record to use during hte campaign).

Seriously, Lecarre would not have the nerve to make this up.

That said, is anyone surprised that HIllary CLinton is in the middle of such a hare brained scheme?