Monday, February 19, 2018

(I)n a rather odd dynamic there’s no appetite by any media to get any of the names on record,… for anything…. not.a.word. Not a single satellite truck outside any house. No-media knocking on doors for comment(s). No TV pundits seeking ‘exclusive’ interviews to set the record straight, etc.




Not a single Washington beat journalist writing a sentence about any of the crew to include any actual statement or inquisitive question of them. Nothing. Pete, Lisa, Bruce, Nellie, Jim, James, Bill, David, Mike, Andy… nothing. All of them collectively create the silence of an 800lb gorilla sitting ‘over there’ while the incurious media look away.

Think carefully about this. There’s not even a comment to say “no comment”.

...How’s the need to ignore the 800lb gorilla going to work with a simultaneous book tour?