Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How Trump can keep up the pace on his two-for-one deregulation plan

The verdict for 2018 is in, and President Trump’s “two-for-one” strategy of deregulation has proven a continued success, even better than advertised. Forbes reports that the ratio for “significant regulatory actions was four-to-one, with 14 significant new regulatory actions and 57 significant deregulatory ones.” But while positive, these figures pale in comparison to 2017, which saw 67 deregulatory actions being taken compared to four rule-making actions, resulting in an astounding 22-to-1 ratio.

So, why are elected officials having a tougher time this year halting the growth of the onerous administrative state? As with any sustained reform effort, the Trump administration’s deregulatory drive is slowing down after picking the low-hanging fruit of harmful rules proposed by the federal government under the previous two administrations....

Each regulation in itself may not be enough to wreak havoc on the economy, but “death by one thousand cuts” meted out in the Federal Register is a real threat to the prosperity of millions. Trump’s two-for-one strategy is a welcome solution, but progress must continue.