Tuesday, November 27, 2018

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Now you can get unfriended (or divorced) for not hating Trump enough

By now we’ve all heard how the contentious election, and the surprising result, has frayed friendships — especially on social media. Hillary Clinton supporters, angry and dismayed at the result, have chopped Trump-loving friends off their friend lists. But the culling seems to be progressing beyond just active Trump supporters. Now, some people who are insufficiently anti-Trump, even if they didn’t vote for him, are getting the boot.

In the immediate aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s election loss in 2016, we saw women sobbing at the Javits Center and heard others tell of how they vomited when they realized Donald Trump had prevailed.

In the following weeks, we saw even more hot takes: articles about women who couldn’t stop crying, women who had given up dating, women who had cut off their hair or dyed it black to do … something … to address their pain.

We’re now two years in, and New York Magazine’s Intelligencer is tackling the problem of Trump’s presidency ruining marriages.