Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Chuck And Nancy Had An Oval Office Meeting With Trump…It Turned Out Poorly

So what did we learn?

First, Trump and the Democratic leaders are living in different realities on wall funding. There’s likely not much room for compromise there. The Democrats got what they want when Trump said he’d take the blame for a shutdown. Trump got what he wanted by putting them on the spot in front of television cameras. After this performance, it’s hard to imagine either side backing down from a government shutdown.

Second, Pelosi and Schumer do not want this debate to air in front of the press. It’s harder to cast Trump as a villain when he’s in the same room insisting on protecting Americans from violent criminal illegal aliens and drug-pushing gangs.

Third, though the media hate this president because he insults them, he once again proved he is the most transparent and media-friendly American president in living memory. Can you imagine any other president allowing this debate to play out in front of the press?