Wednesday, January 2, 2019

(T)here is the third zombie population: those who want to, or in fact are preparing to, follow the millions who left

...Three houses within a half-mile of my own home have been the scene of gang shoot-outs, illegal trash dumping, and illicit commerce. This week there was one mass robbery attempt (of farm workers) and a shoot-out on the freeway within a two-mile radius of where I write. I found a stolen and stripped spray rig last night in the orchard. In the Central Valley, two illegal aliens in the last two weeks have murdered three innocents, one a policeman. Their stories are now frighteningly predictable and monotonous: false identities, past deportations, prior felony arrests, aid and comfort from accomplices or family members.

It is illegal in California to rent out trailers behind one’s house without proper permits, sewage, or power hookups. It is also illegal to park dozens of unregistered cars without applying for non-use registration. It is not permitted to have dogs that are unlicensed and unvaccinated. And so on.

None of the rules apply, on the unstated theory that enforcement of California’s strict regulations would be impossible, or not cost-effective, or somehow biased or racist. The state, then, assumes that part of the population will be hyper-regulated and pay through the nose for misdemeanor violations as a way of subsidizing the other part that will by hypo-regulated and that cannot be cited for felonious behavior....