Wednesday, February 27, 2019


3:00 PM
How the Left Does It: Money, People, Technology & How They Sell Socialism with a Smile
Gain valuable insights from some of the Right's most knowledgeable grassroots leaders about how the Left runs its operations.
Chris Carr, Political Director for Trump Pence
Bill Meierling, ALEC
Katrina Pierson, Senior Advisor, Donald J. Trump for President 2020 Campaign

4:05 PM
Learn From A Navy SEAL How to Effectively Lead Your Team
Want to become a better leader? Come learn how to unleash the great leader within you.
Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX-2)

4:45 PM
Measure the Right Things Get the Right Results
Don't mistake lots of work for lots of progress. Learn the importance of measuring the right things and maximizing your campaign's results.
Betsy Ankney,
Learn How to Persuade Others
The power to "listen" is a lost art, but one with huge power. Lila Rose, Live Action

5:15 PM
Not Everyone is Cut Out for This: Why Recruiting and Retaining the Right People is Crucial
Do you have a system for recruiting and placing the right talent for your effort? Learn how to get great performance by building the right team.
Aaron Withe, Freedom Foundation
Leading People You Don't See In the Office Everyday: Management in the New Age of Remote Teams
Great companies. Great campaigns. Both have something in common: winning organizational cultures. Get the tools to build one of your own.
Brandon Muir, Reclaim New York

5:45 PM
Activists Deserve to be Inspired, Too: How to Motivate Your Team
Eventually the power of free pizza to motivate the workforce wears off. Cynicism sets in. Let's try inspiration instead. Our activists deserve it!
Krystal and Mark Geist, Shadow Warriors Project

6:15 PM
War Stories from Some of the Biggest Battles In The Fight for Freedom
Get fired up by two of America's top conservative heroes! All hands on deck for this one! Listen to their stories and get inspired.
Gov. Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin
Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union

6:30 PM
CPAC Welcome Reception (ticketed event)