Sunday, April 14, 2019

Cher awakens to reality... "Los Angeles ‘Can’t Take Care of Its Own, How Can It Take Care of' More Immigrants"

vs Cher in September:

6) T(h)ey would also reshape voting there, just as Zero’s demonic scheme of dumping 70,000 Somali “refugees” into MN has already given us a Muslim district & Illict Mullah Omar.

7) But Trump’s ingenious proposal stands that on its head. By threatening to dump the illegals into blue states, it promises to Cloward-Piven liberals, making it impossible to maintain any decent business climate, any attraction for the “creative class,” or for families.

8) Whether he can follow through in a coordinated “announced” way, or whether (as today) news leaks out that hordes of illegals have been escorted to (blue) Las CrucesNM) is irrelevant. The effect is the same.

9) Even the collagen-addled Cher is squealing like a Guevara.

10) Yes, there are conservatives in these cities and states. It’s sad, but just as with the just and necessary revoking of state tax deductions in these states in 2017, all citizens there will bear the burden.

It’s an unfortunate aspect of collateral damage, but it must happen

11) There is no easy or painless way to kill this cancer. It must be bombarded with plutonium before a new, safe world can emerge.