Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Judge Orders Antifa Communist Yvette Felarca to Pay Judicial Watch Legal Fees for Her Totally Frivolous Lawsuit

You may remember Yvette Felarca, the middle school teacher who is also the leader of an Antifa Communist group in California.

She made a bizarre appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show in 2017 after helping far left protesters shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech at UC Berkeley.

Felarca was arrested in September 2017 for battery and resisting arrest. She was arrested in July 2017 for inciting a riot.

...Judicial Watch announced that a U.S. District Judge in California awarded Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees in a case filed by an Antifa organizer in an effort to block Judicial Watch from obtaining information about her activities.

Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and two co-plaintiffs were ordered to pay Judicial Watch $22,000 in attorney’s fees and $4,000 in litigation costs. Felarca had sued the BUSD in federal court to keep the school district from fulfilling its legal obligation to provide Judicial Watch with records of their communications mentioning: Felarca, Antifa, and/or BAMN....