Wednesday, June 12, 2019

CNN Loses One-Third of Primetime Audience

The far-left CNN’s ratings death spiral marched into last week as the fake news network lost one-third of its primetime audience and a breathtaking 55 percent of its demo viewers.

When compared to this same week last year, CNN also lost 21 percent of its total day viewers....

And that is the good news for CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s Hate Network.

Brace yourselves because you are not going to believe this…

CNN lost — wait for it, wait for it — 55 percent (that is not a typo) of its viewers aged 25-54 during primetime last week.

The fake news outlet also lost 45 percent of its total day viewers aged 25-54.

The 25-54 age demo is hugely important because it sets advertising rates....

After weeks and weeks and weeks of CNN’s ratings bottoming out, it is safe to say that the bottom is falling out of CNN overall. After six years of Jeff Zucker’s serial lies, bigotry, hate, booing rape victims, and encouraging violence, CNN has lost anything resembling respectability and a respectable audience.

No one trusts CNN, so no one watches CNN.


Let’s not forget that 89.5 million people who do not watch CNN are still subsidizing all this hate and bigotry.

Seriously, y’all really do need to cut the cable cord.