Monday, August 5, 2019

Chicago Had So Much Gun Violence Over the Weekend That One Hospital Stopped Admitting Gun Shot Victims

...Chicago had 561 gun murders in 2018, which was down about 100 from the year before. In all, the city had 2,948 shooting victims in 2018.

There are two reasons why people point out Chicago’s gun troubles in the aftermath of mass shootings, and it’s not to minimize what happened to victims of those shootings, or to play “whataboutism” games. It’s:

1) To show Democrats and the national media that even with the strong gun control measures a city like Chicago has in place, violent offenders are still illegally obtaining firearms at alarming rates – with no end in sight.

2) To point out to those same people that if they are serious about tackling gun violence, then they will not just virtue signal about it only when they believe there is a political angle they can take advantage of.

The lives of all victims of gun crime matter, not just the ones liberal politicians and their media enablers believe they can exploit for political gain.