Monday, August 5, 2019

So when we talk about "fanning the flames of racism"...

.. because the politician being criticized was black. Happen routinely during the Obama administration. There was literally NO criticism a Republican could make of him without a Democrat opportunistically accusing that critic of "racism." It happened over and over and over.

Fast fwd to Trump, where you have a president who has been called an anti-Semite and racist but who does things that anti-Semites and racists don't do, like the criminal justice reform bill and the strong alliance with Netanyahu.

Enter Democrats and the media who view everything from a racial prism, especially when it comes to Republicans, and they reflexively cry racism anytime Trump or any Republican criticizes a Hispanic or black lawmaker. This completely ignores how he has gone after people in both parties, no matter their color, gender, etc. On top of that, there have been the number of instances where a Republican's comments were taken out of context, which make them sound racist when they weren't. The media doesn't bother to correct themselves after the fact, and instead continue to characterize things as "racist" that simply weren't. Let's also consider the fact that Pelosi and Co. deliberately put fwd minority lawmakers because she/they know Trump criticizes everyone - but in the instance of criticizing a minority he gets accused of racism (just like anyone who criticized Obama did). It's appalling how often the race card gets unfairly played, for political advantage by Democrats and the MSM. This happens to almost the same extent with the woman card, too.