Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"The 9/11 terror attack happened 18 years ago & it’s still heartbreaking & it always bring tears to my eyes. 3,000 people lost their lives. I will never forget & America will never forget."

We Remember.

...That horrific morning is now 18 years behind us; there is now a generation of Americans who didn’t watch it unfold on live television.

They don’t have the memories that seared the mind as we watched them, together.

Huge jetliners and their terrified passengers, obliterated in an instant.

Office workers leaning out broken windows, desperately gasping for the crisp September air that still wafted outside their 110-story hell. Some of them ultimately jumping, a few even holding hands as they leapt together, choosing a quick end over slow immolation.

That is why we at Fox do not randomly run images of that day. The events of 9/11 cannot, should not, be reduced to what’s become known as “wallpaper video.”

Nearly 3,000 of our mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, sons and daughters went to work or boarded planes that morning… and never came home.

Firefighters, police officers and everyday citizens gave their own lives trying to save others.

The worst impulses of the human heart were met with their uplifting counterpart; confronted with evils like we have never seen, Americans responded with courage, love—and sacrifice.

Remember, if you can, the immediate aftermath.

We weren’t fighting with one another after 9/11. We weren’t carping over little things. We weren’t Republicans and Democrats—we were Americans....