Wednesday, October 9, 2019

John Durham and Bill Barr Have Expanded Their Investigation Into the Trump-Russia Fiasco

As we’ve known for most of the year now, the DOJ is currently conducting a probe of the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. This includes possible corruption in the FISA process, as well as the improper surveillance of Trump and his campaign. Except now it appears they aren’t just looking into the origins anymore. A new report is saying that the investigation has expanded to cover post the inauguration....

I will say this. I’ve been very skeptical of Barr dropping the hammer on anyone here, but it does appear that he’s going after many of the aspects that have been previously ignored. While I think the IG report will fall flat (it is an Obama appointee after all and Horowitz did his best to whitewash his last report on the Hillary investigation), perhaps the DOJ will end up bringing about some justice here?

We’ll find out.