Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019: The Year The World Went Mad

...Coupled with the Democratic Party addiction to anti-Trump rage is the Democrats in the media sparking it up like they were Hunter Biden in the VIP room at a strip club.

Journalism died a long time ago, its zombie corpse is still desecrating its memory, and 2019 was a banner year for that desecration. Two years of hyping the Mueller investigation was quite possibly the biggest “own goal” in history. Rather than learn from it, rededicate themselves to the concept of journalism in an attempt to salvage some semblance of dignity, they pretended what was simply wasn’t....

Watching the year 2019 come to an end is bittersweet. Yes, the political left has exposed themselves for the lying frauds they are, and showed the country and its people the contempt in which they hold it, but it also leads into a year where they may take power. They’ve been subtly subverting and manipulating people for a long time, has the country crossed the tipping point? Will all their lies and division succeed? Or are there enough sane Americans left to turn them back? We’ll find out in November. Happy New Year.