Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Shenanigans? Under California’s primary rules, some campaigns boggle the mind

...“I just decided I was going to try something new. And not because I like Trump,” she said, before making a retching noise. As for the Republicans that are running, she said, “I want to just put them under the bus.”

Garcia might get her wish.

That’s thanks to California’s unique “top two” election system, in which all candidates — regardless of party affiliation — are listed together on the same ballot in the first round “primary.” Only the first and second place winners March 3 move on to the general election Nov. 3, also regardless of party affiliation. The race for state Senate in this Central Valley district race is the latest oddball illustration of how the state’s decade-old electoral attempt at reform can distort the typical logic of campaigning, confuse voters and lead to mind-bending results....