Friday, February 21, 2020

At the Debate, Only Losers

...Wednesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate was revealing: Mike Bloomberg was revealed to be unprepared, something for which a man with his resources has no possible excuse; Amy Klobuchar was revealed to be a stammering daisy, her big moment coming when she whined that Mayor Pete was being mean to her about not knowing the name Andrés Manuel López Obrador; Bernie Sanders was revealed to be — well, we already knew that; Elizabeth Warren revealed herself to be the titular heroine of “Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning,” her madcap thrashing about no less obviously death throes for all of its animating rage; Joe Biden was there; my sympathy was with Pete Buttigieg as he turned around the stage from clod to cretin and from scold to demagogue with that Tucker Carlson-ish look on his face saying, “Who the @#$%&! are these clowns?” He’s a preposterous candidate for president — or would be, in more normal times — but he is very good as an audience surrogate.... (and the author here, predictably is not a Trump fan)