Monday, February 3, 2020

Politico goes on safari to Trump rally, finds joy and celebration

...Media outlets like Politico are determined not to ignore the deplorables in 2020, so they are going on safaris to observe those strange Trump-supporting beings....

Back to Politico. It ran an article recently about The unexpected joy at a Trump rally in Iowa:
I had not been to a Trump rally since the 2016 campaign. And the first thing I noticed Thursday night when Donald Trump and Mike Pence spoke at Drake University in Des Moines was how much more joyous the event was for his supporters than what I remember from four years ago….

But with Trump in power, presiding over peace and prosperity, on the cusp of beating two articles of impeachment, and dominating the news when it should be the Democratic candidates’ moment to shine, his fans seemed in a celebratory mood….

A group of female college students from Iowa State took selfies and danced. When Trump mentioned his reelection, a bidding war erupted: “Four more years!”, “Twelve more years!”, “Thirty more years of Trump!” …

Why was everyone so happy?
If you have to ask, you’ll never understand Tea Party events were just as joyous, though portrayed in the media as a national security threat. You had to be there.