Monday, March 16, 2020

Biden Has A Truth Problem (And Bell's Palsy) - CD Media

“Come on, man!”

You’ve likely heard Joe Biden utter these words before. It’s his way of deflecting. He says it quite often, along with “Give me a break!” and even more to the point, “You’re full of shit.” Why is Biden so defensive? Because, increasingly, he is entangled in a web of lies. Flat-out lies, not the gaffes for which he is so well known.

Biden’s pivot to the far left is the root cause for some of his lying. Decades of his moderate past don’t jibe with Joe 2.0 and his devotion to the Green New Deal and other socialist daydream legislation.

Last night’s debate cemented Biden’s positions. It also exposed him as a shameless liar. Far be it for host CNN to hold Biden accountable. Moderators had ample opportunity to hold his feet to the fire, but instead went after Bernie Sanders, no surprise there.

How does an affable guy like Uncle Joe become such a slimy, mendacious snake?

The behavior model on display is similar to that of a small-time criminal who, caught in the act, claims passionately that he didn’t do anything, over and over. In the mind of the criminal, no misdeed occurred because he was caught before he completed the crime....