Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Even amid coronavirus, Democrats keep up their partisan games

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New op-ed from David Keene: Most people here and the world over are hunkered down determined to physically survive the Wuhan pandemic knowing it could kill them. America’s liberal politicians and their media supporters want to survive it too, but seem just as interested in creating a narrative they can use against Donald Trump and his supporters. They want to make sure that when it’s all over the public will blame the president for bungling the whole thing from day one in the hope that if they can do so, they will deny him a second term. The boys and girls at the time are no doubt familiar with Winston Churchill’s claim that he would be treated well in the histories of his time because as he put it “To secure your historical standing, be sure you are the first to write about it.” • Full op-ed on our website #commentary #opinion #fakenews #media #davidkeene #washtimes #washingtontimes #donaldtrump #trump #presidenttrump #cnn #washpo

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