Monday, April 13, 2020

The Durham investigation is uncovering evidence that is "far more troubling" than just mistakes and sloppiness.

First of all, it seems apparent that the Durham investigation has completed most of its evidence gathering, whether documentary or through interviews. That doesn't mean the investigation is finished.

There is also the question of putting together a prosecutable case, and that will probably involve complicated negotiations with the lawyers for the persons being investigated. That, in turn, could lead to further substantive investigation.

But the bottom line is that at this point Barr appears confident that he knows what happened and, most likely, who were behind it. As Barr says, this is a "sprawling" case, Barr is not known for hyperbole. Second, Barr several times refers to things that "they" did.

Not things that "were done." So, multiple human perpetrators. That points toward the strong likelihood that a conspiracy case is being pursued that will encompass an attempt to "sabotage the presidency." As Barr says, this is a "sprawling" case.

And this case is very much focused on developing a criminal prosecution of the conspirators. Third, Barr says that, while Durham's "primary focus" is not on preparing a report, a report will "probably" result from Durham's investigation. That's important.

IMHO, the American people deserve a report that lays out the narrative of how a group of highly placed federal government operatives conspired to "sabotage the presidency."

Such a report would be unusual coming from a prosecutor, but this is an unusual case that goes to the heart of our constitutional order.

He tells us that Crossfire Hurricane"this investigation of Trump's campaign" was inititated "without any basis or predication." That means that Crossfire Hurricane was initiated without proper predication and was an unlawful investigation.

I think we will see confirmed what we've always known, that Crossfire Hurricane was initiated for the purpose of developing a narrative that could derail and sabotage a presidential election.

But, that baseless investigation nevertheless served as the predication for what Barr says he has found "even more concerning". When Barr says "what happened after the campaign with a whole pattern of events while Trump was president to sabotage the presidency."

That is the definition of a coup. That’s the definition of seditious behavior. From this I think we can readily gather why this Durham investigation is so "sprawling." What happened after the campaign?

The attempt to frame Michael Flynn and to sabotage the presidency through the frame job on General Flynn, at the very inception of the administration, to tar it as "colluding" with Russia, rather than conducting foreign policy.

The continued renewals of the Carter Page FISA, known to be fraudulent, which implicate the highest levels of the FBI and of DoJ-McCabe, Comey, Yates, Boente, Rosenstein, and many more.

The bogus Intelligence Community Assessment, the development of which we're told Durham has spent so much time examinging.

And lastly but far from least, the entire Mueller witch hunt which, as framed by Rod Rosenstein, purported to be a continuation of the baseless FBI investigation, Crossfire Hurricane.

The release of the Papadopoulos transcript not only is a dagger in the heart of the predication for Crossfire Hurricane and the Carter Page FISA, a dagger in the heart of the FBI's role in the conspiracy. It is also a dagger that, along with the final FISA renewal, we may learn……is directed at Team Mueller through its pursuit of George Papadopoulos.

A broad conspiracy charge (or multiple conspiracies) with cooperating witnesses involving cabinet level officials and top DoJ and Intelligence staff is what I'd love to see, but don’t hold your breath on……Obama or Clinton because that is not something I've ever believe as remotely possible. They are two historic benchmarks that will get a pass. First black POTUS and first female nominee by a major party.

The real follow up to the a Papadopoulos transcript was the Ron Johnson letter.

Declassified footnotes to Horowitz report show that the FBI team investigating members of the Trump campaign received classified reports in 2017 identifying key pieces of the Steele dossier as products of a Russian disinformation campaign.

This might be only the tip of the iceberg because other recently declassified information demonstrates that even more disinformation may have been planted in Christopher Steele’s reporting. Let that sink in.

The FBI knew that at least most of its evidence against the Trump campaign, was part of a Opposition disinformation smear campaign fabricated evidence from a source that was “central and essential” for getting the first FISA warrant.

It isn’t clear what if anything the FBI did to determine whether their investigation was based on 100% disinformation. Yet the FBI assistant director in charge of the investigation, Bill Priestap, told the inspector general that as of May 2017 (when Robert Mueller took over as……special counsel), the FBI “didn’t have any indication whatsoever” that their evidence was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. I’ll let you in on a little secret.

It was a congressional staff investigator in December 2019, While reviewing the declassified version of the inspector general’s report in a secure room under the Capitol (SCIF).

As he went through it four footnotes stuck out, and his immediate reaction was that the American people needed to know this information as soon as possible. Remember that Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson had been after the footnotes for a while.

But this staffer told his boss and Johnny Ratcliffe began pressing Barr, and eventually acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, for full declassification of these footnotes.

Once it became evident what was going on and Johnny was nominated for the permanent DNI position, Grenell ripped off the bandaid and declassified everything requested. That’s why they’re now public.

These footnotes are the nails in the coffin of the FBI team handling these intelligence reports and the Page FISAs and no telling how many others but it seems consistent with how the FBI under Comey and then Wray ran the entire investigation.

From the opening of the investigation, the FBI team kept accumulating exculpatory information. Yet rather than wind the investigation down, they ramped it up.

Minimally intrusive open-source media searches that were planted stories via circular references became FISA warrants and confidential human sources targeting campaign staffers!!! Then it got worse.

The Crossfire team excluded exculpatory information from its FISA application; it ignored exculpatory evidence provided by the DIA; and, when that later became an issue, an FBI attorney doctored an email to cover it up.

Given all that, it’s not surprising that the FBI, on learning their evidence was the product of a disinformation smear campaign, simply shrugged it off.

As Grassley and Johnson wrote in their declassification request to Barr, these footnotes provide “insight essential for an accurate evaluation of the entire investigation.”

Now consider these questions

Why did Comey and Baker refuse to have their security clearances reinstated before they were interviewed by the inspector general? Was it so they wouldn’t have to explain this information? You bet your ass that’s why.