Monday, January 13, 2020

"Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right"

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#RickyGervais spoke to “The Spectator” recently about his groundbreaking #GoldenGlobes performance. Here are the best quotes from the article- “Why I’ll never apologise for my jokes” . ‘The new puritans aren’t 60-year-old women in twinsets and pearls, the Christian right trying to make us turn off our televisions because they don’t like it. It’s a younger crowd with trendy haircuts, who you’d think would have left-leaning liberal sensibilities, who have invented this new term hate speech’ . ‘You can make jokes about race without being racist. The people who’ve had to endure real racism throughout their lives are the ones being hurt, because now the term “racist” is meaningless. It went from someone who was filled with vitriol and hate and oppressed particular races to meaning a bloke who didn’t let you park where you want. The word “Nazi” used to mean someone who wanted to take people to a concentration camp. Now it means fighting for someone’s right to say whatever they like.’ . ‘On the face of it, it’s a room full of the biggest virtue-signallers and hypocrites in the world, so I’ve got to go after that. I vaguely satirise myself as well, playing to the press perception that I’m the bad boy, the outsider, that I might be drunk. None of which is true, but it would be nauseating for me to come out and say, “Hi Brad, see you tomorrow. Hey, George, thanks for letting me use your villa”. I’m trying to make people at home laugh as well as the people in the room. I’ve got to make it a spectator sport.’

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